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January 17, 2014 Mandarin, FL

Hi there I'm Michael J. Beck.

I am new to using GNU/Linux and I have a Acer laptop with PCLinuxOS and one with Ubuntu 12.04 installed with WUBI. The Acer is setup to dual boot with Vista, but defaults to PCLinuxOS 'Full Monty'. Most Linux Geeks never heard of PCLinuxOS(FM Edition), so let me tell you why I installed it.

FIRST, I am working on completely leaving Vista on all my machines. Being new to Linux and very partial to using a GUI, but loving to tweak my desktop to my liking, I want to duplicate the programs I use with Windows in Linux. I have found that the hardest thing for me (and I assume any other 'old Windows' user), is finding software that lets me work the way I did in Windows. My methods of using the computer are different than most users. I am a 'clip and paste' type of guy, the less I type (or retype) the happier I am. So far I have found most FLOSS 'apps' that work in Windows that have Linux versions, but the basic ones I use have been harder to find.

One problem is finding a MultiClipboard manager to match the one I use in Windows. Another is the learning curve on Linux software, most Linux packages have names that do not give me a clue as to their function. Some make sense after you run the app, like "Kate". the Windows app I use is called Notepad++ which has no Linux version, but I found Kate by accident. I had no clue that it was a Notepad program, but now I know it's named KDE Advanced Text Editor. It is very similar to NotePad++ there even is a Windows version of Kate that I replaced Notepad++ with so that's one more step to going Linux. Another item is a app called Greenshot I haven't found a Linux equivalent yet, but it will be great if I do. Other than those three items I can jump off the Vista train! I can hardly wait.

So, why PCLinuxOS? The "Full Monty" edition has 6 Desktop screens with most every major Linux Package pre-loaded. So instead of searching, downloading trying packages over and over, I can just run them then uninstall the ones I don't need until I have just the right ones (isn't that how Goldilocks did it?). before I found "Full Monty" I have tried so many live cds I can make a cool mobile like the days of AOL discs.

SECOND, PCLinuxOS worked with all my hardware! I also prefer the KDE GUI that comes with it.

A word about JaxLug. The folks I have met here are a great bunch, helpful and best of all I haven't met any eggheads with a oversized ego yet! Meetings are fun and I learn something every time I go. See you at the next JaxLug meeting.


P.S.- My other passion is my smart forTwo