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Jacksonville Linux Users' Group(JaxLUG)

The Jacksonville Linux Users' Group or JaxLUG is a diverse assembly of Linux users (beginners, casual desktop users, system administrators, developers, and IT professionals) that have a passion for supporting Linux and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and live in or around Jacksonville, Florida metropolitan area. The JaxLUG, originally started by Daniel Stringfield in 1996, is led by Officers, who are elected annually.

To get to know us and become a member of the JaxLUG, please join our Mailing List and attend our Monthly Meetings. We also have a Discord Server which can be found under JaxLug.

New to Linux, we got you!

We have an email list to answer all your Linux related questions.

JaxLUG Meetings

The JaxLUG meets every 3rd Wednesday of the monthj. The presenter and venue guru arrive by 6:30PM to setup, Introductions start at 6:45 and presentations start at 7:00. JaxLUG meeting presenters and topics vary, for more information take a look at our Past Meeting History. JaxLUG meetings usually end with a 'meeting after the meeting' involving traveling a short distance to a local restaurant for a LUSH (Linux Users Social Hour).

Be the presenter at a meeting

Anyone, be it local, outsider, hobbyist, professional, student, or other, is welcome to be a presenter at any meeting. With a topic of their choosing, or one the group has requested. Simply update the wiki with information on the presentation as soon as possible, to provide adequate time for member notification. Then post to the list with the same information on the presentation.

Meeting Format

  • 6:30 PM - Regular arrival, setup
  • 6:45 PM - JaxLUG old/new biz, meeting topics, events, introductions...
  • 7:00 PM - Presentation, Topics, Ask-it/Q&A
  • 8:xx PM - Conclusion, summary, event reminders
    Meeting and presentations times can vary and may well end beyond 8:00 PM.
  • 8:xx PM - Linux Users' Social Hour (LUSH)
    Join us afterwards for more conversations and discussions with "snacks and beverages of choice" at an agreed upon location.

Next Meeting

When JUne 19th (The 3rd Wednesday of every month)

Presenter arrives by 6:30 to setup. Introductions and business start at 6:45 Presentation starts at 7!

Where 4345 Southpoint Blvd, 4th Floor, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Topic Demons Use the Metric System
Synopsis Scripts, Executables, Aliases, Units, Daemons, Jobs
Presented By BobaFett

Last Meeting

When May 15th (The 3rd Wednesday of every month)

Presenter arrives by 6:30 to setup. Introductions and business start at 6:45 Presentation starts at 7!

Where Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville

7405 Arlington Expressway · Jacksonville, FL

Topic Diet Pie
Synopsis DietPi is a lightweight Debian-based Linux distribution specifically designed for single-board computers (SBCs) and small-scale devices.
Presented By Ramon
Food Sponsor Ralph

Past Events

Presentations -- Github

Valuable Links

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JaxLUG Newsletter

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